The Pijul Nest

Pijul brings patches back to collaborative work, for faster, easier and really distributed workflows.

With, you can share open source work, meet other developers.

By the way, Pijul and this website are still beta quality software.

Move faster

Pijul is a version control system based on a sound mathematical theory of patches.

This makes it the easiest and fastest tool to use, whether you're starting a new project and need to move fast, taking on new team members and need to teach them your tools, or even managing large projects with many independent components.

Collaborate more efficiently

Pijul works exclusively with patches, which are atomic units of team work. Its unique theory of patches allows for more efficient team work, where members can share only what is ready to be shared. Conflicts are also a true part of the theory, making them easier to solve than ever.

We all make mistakes

In Pijul, all actions are reversible. And since patches are the simplest component of team work, you know what you are doing when fixing mistakes.