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#137 status: List files with conflicts

Opened by laumann, on July 15, 2017
laumann commented on July 15, 2017

I created an RFC here: https://discourse.pijul.org/t/request-for-comments-listing-files-with-conflicts-in-pijul-status/49. I'll post the top here:\r + \r + One of the really cool features of Pijul (IMO) is a good internal representation of conflicts. But I find myself searching for conflicts after a pull by grepping for something like >>>>>> to find files with conflicts.\r + \r + @lthms suggested that conflicts could be shown as part of the output of pijul status. The first draft is here1.\r + \r + I'm posting it here, because I'd love to get some feedback - I basically looked at how files are output in libpijul/src/graph.rs:output_file(). From my understanding conflicts are identified from the internal graph representation of files by a combination of a DFS and identifying the strongly-connected components. If I'm reading the code right, the SCCs are used to determine cyclical conflicts.\r+ \r + This brings me to another question: Are there more than one type of conflict? It would seem that there is a difference between cyclical and acyclical conflicts, but I'm not sure if there is any reason to present them differently to the user (just knowing which files contains conflicts might be enough).

laumann commented on July 21, 2017

It's been merged, so I'm closing it here