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#140 Give more information in pijul --version

Opened by lthms, on July 28, 2017
lthms commented on July 28, 2017

This patch adds:

  1. The date of build
  2. The target (if it is built in debug mode, it is print in the command output)
lthms commented on August 9, 2017

Feel free to give me any feedback you could have. (:

pmeunier commented on August 13, 2017

Hi! Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I'm in half-holidays. The reason I did not merge your patch is because depending on the time for a build is not always a good idea. Some build and deployment systems (such as NixOS and Nixops) aim at ensuring perfect build reproducibility: with the same build inputs, you're supposed to get the same outputs (i.e. binaries have the exact same bytes).

A feature like this one in a build system would break these guarantees. It might break updates, either by forcing unneeded updates, or by failing to detect that some piece of information (date and time) needed for the build has changed.

lthms commented on August 14, 2017

Maybe we can just keep the development/release version information, in such a case?