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#147 `pijul add` is not recursive. Is it intentional?

Opened by kindaro, on August 13, 2017
kindaro commented on August 13, 2017

For example, if I create a new project from a template, there would be files like ./src/lib alongside ones like ./readme and ./package. If I then say pijul init && pijul add *, it will add directory ./src but not file ./src/lib. In my opinion, it would be more comfy to have pijul add all the hierarchy at once, maybe as an option with a flag, like pijul add --recursive.

The following is a pragmatic everyday example:

% stack new number-format
% cd number-format
% pijul init
% pijul add *
% pijul status
On branch master

Changes not yet recorded:
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        new file:  LICENSE
        new file:  README.md
        new file:  Setup.hs
        new file:  app
        new file:  number-format.cabal
        new file:  src
        new file:  stack.yaml
        new file:  test

Untracked files:
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pmeunier commented on August 13, 2017

Hi! Thanks for reporting. I just fixed it, see patch #AantwkT2-DahcmFffj443zw2ARoXJzZ60LHN3jS1svMnFFQEcmQNTRbjlYcSnpYnK5kD-I4CL85EKZmyOQNW-RA