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#169 Strange conflict in Cargo.lock

Opened by lthms, on September 5, 2017
lthms commented on September 5, 2017

Hi everyone.\r + \r + I am running into a strange bug. You can see it live in the Cargo.lock file of my pijul fork.\r + \r + The two forks have very closed patchsets. The patches which are in my fork and not in upstream do not tamper with Cargo.lock. So there shouldn’t be any conflicts in the file, as far as I know.\r + \r + Maybe it is a clue: I had the patch of @laumann about pijul clone output applied to my fork and if I remember correctly, it tampers with Cargo.lock. I have unrecorded it, and maybe it is related?

lthms commented on September 5, 2017

Okay, so I really need to pay more attention when testing pijul: I was lacking the latest patch which actually solves the issue. And it looks like the nest is also lacking it, hence the conflict.