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#179 Error when trying to push to new repository

Opened by ruabmbua, on September 13, 2017
ruabmbua commented on September 13, 2017

error: Invalid byte 45, offset 4.

ruabmbua commented on September 13, 2017

I could fix it by prefixing the remote url with ssh://.

The tutorial does not mention, that you have to add a protocol prefix.

pmeunier commented on September 13, 2017

Hi! Thanks for reporting!

This is incredibly bizarre, Pijul has no code (that I know of) that recognises ssh://. This looks to me like a problem with the parsing of your SSH key.

Since this is not well documented by the various SSH implementors around, I'd love to know what type is your key, and what version of what implementation of SSH you used to generate it.

Do you have a password on your key?

Also, it would be most helpful if you could generate a fake SSH key of the same type, and post the generated public and secret keys here.

ruabmbua commented on September 14, 2017

Ok sorry I have to mention, I messed up with the ssh:// URI. It just gives me back another error (URI not supported for push or something like that).

Also yes, I use an encrypted ssh private key. Sorry, but I do not remember how I generated it, it is quiet old. I will try to reproduce this with a new key I can send to you.

Thanks for the fast response b.t.w. Pijul really caught my interest, and I decided to use it for a little toy project of mine. Expect more reports from my side ;-).

lthms commented on September 18, 2017

Pijul does not currently support encrypted keys, so that’s why it does not work. The error message is a bit misleading, so we should definitely have a look to that.

Thank for reporting and thanks for your interest!

tuxlifan commented on September 21, 2017

Let me start with that I know that pijul 0.8.0 is still very young, so please see the remainder as my try for constructive criticism/what I think pijul will need (and which I unfortunately cannot currently contribute to code-wise).

For me in addition it complains "error: SSH key not found in "/home/user/.ssh/id_rsa" until I put a symlink to an ssh keyfile there, then I get the same error as ruabmbua. It would be good to have a -i --identity Specify which key to use in ~/.ssh/ (or platform equivalent directory) option similar to ssh. Also, do you plan to reinvent some kind of caching mechanism similar to ssh-agent (with interactive confirmation to avoid misuse) so we won't have to type our passwords for every little push?

Is there any way currently to actually use pijul (0.8.0) to generate patches that could be sent by email, or posted here, etc. in a non-binary form (e.g. the function one would expect pijul patch to perform)?

Sorry if any of this was discussed elsewhere, I couldn't find a search functionality in the nest.

Thanks, tuxlifan

lthms commented on October 4, 2017

Since pijul-0.8.2, you can output a patch in a text format, but there is yet no way to import a text-patch in pijul as far as I know.

pmeunier commented on October 12, 2017

Hi! I just improved the support for encrypted keys. I'd love it if you were willing to try again (with the latest version, i.e. pijul clone https://nest.pijul.com/pijul_org/pijul).

@tuxlifan, where is your SSH key, and how do you normally use it with ssh?

lthms closed this discussion on April 28, 2018