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#185 pijul clone pijul hangs

Opened by lthms, on September 17, 2017
lthms commented on September 17, 2017

How to reproduce

On a given server with pijul installed

  1. pijul clone https://nest.pijul.com/pijul_org/pijul

On your local machine

  1. pijul clone REMOTE_URL:pijul

It hangs: Pulling patches: 5% (9/189)

pmeunier commented on September 17, 2017

Thanks! This is an issue with OpenSSH not accepting too many channels (even if some were closed). I'm working on the fix in Thrussh.

lthms commented on September 17, 2017

Once again, your reactivity amazes me!

lthms commented on September 21, 2017

Fixed recently. I now can use my server to host my pijul repo, and that is really awesome!

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on September 21, 2017