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#21 [Bug] pijul unrecord --patch asks to unrecord all patches

Opened by hobofan, on March 27, 2017
hobofan commented on March 27, 2017

I tried to unrecord a single patch with pijul unrecord --patch AcXCjqh3WVgHuE9z-XEZT9xhgd9lsWROLTty7g6iUZK3RH3z3EPgk_U18kWnStqUkRU-FSjmql1IGirsS2xeNH8.\r+ \r + I expected the command to unrecord the single specified patch. Instead, it prompted me if I want to unrecord every patch (each in a separate prompt).

pmeunier commented on March 30, 2017

Visualisation of patches on the nest is being repaired, but this is fixed by #AfB8gc_PPqoSMqzlHmc3VkBFCSssOmkPtUcVs8XmQyEAt0UGwubbTRi8ai1-eoli21vs4VB4YLvhH_DSuOF4cxs