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#220 Ignore libpijul/Cargo.lock

Opened by lthms, on October 25, 2017
pmeunier commented on October 27, 2017

So, the Nest is having trouble with this patch, it seems to come from a deleted repository that was not a fork of pijul_org/pijul.

I'm not 100% sure about what should happen in such a case, but I'm interested in hearing more about what you did to reach this situation.

lthms commented on October 30, 2017

I don’t really remember to be honest.

All I can say is that my fork of pijul was having a lot of trouble (see this issue), so I deleted it and I created a new repository from scratch (without the “Clone” button that is) called pijul-dev.

I don’t remember deleting/recreating it, but I might have.

Edit: I have attach the patch with the correct repo now. First I tried without deattach the previous one, and it gives me no feedback at all. Some kind of message that says a patch with that hash is already attach to the conversation would have been useful here.

lthms closed this discussion on November 26, 2017