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#237 record interactive dialog: add 's' for skipping a file

Opened by FlorentBecker, on December 11, 2017
Good first bug
FlorentBecker commented on December 11, 2017

darcs allows the user to skip a whole file when interactively asking about hunks in record. Pijul should follow suit.

FlorentBecker added tag
Good first bug
on December 11, 2017
lthms commented on December 11, 2017

I think it is more than that: we should also have the counterpart “add all remaining chuck of this file, and ask me for the remaining ones.”

FlorentBecker commented on December 11, 2017

These two are symmetric (they are 's' and 'f' in darcs), and both are needed.

iantownsend commented on March 18, 2019

Why is this closed? It's not implemented.

FlorentBecker reopened this discussion on March 18, 2019
blargg added a patch:
Add skipping/adding whole files to Record by tomjankauski@gmail.com, created on May 16, 2019

blargg commented on May 16, 2019

I made an initial implementation. It follows a similar pattern to how adding/skipping all remaining changes works.

I mostly borrowed the wording from darcs.

As a note, I would consider some larger changes to how the ask_changes function works before adding anything that is complicated and operates on multiple changes at once.

pmeunier commented on May 16, 2019

Looks really good! I just applied it.