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#243 A new name for pijul

Opened by batisteo, on December 17, 2017
batisteo commented on December 17, 2017

TL;DR: ani

Ok, I’m being annoying, this must have been discussed elsewhere, finding a good name is hard, impossible to get en consensus, etc.

So, I love the idea behind the pijul’s nest, and I don’t want to throw that away. I went to Wikipedia to get some inspiration and found that every other language than Spanish call this bird Ani with variations:

EN: Groove-billed ani EO: Sulkobeka anio DE: Riefenschnabelani FR: Ani à bec cannelé IT: Ani beccosolcato NL: Groefsnavelani HU: Barázdáscsőrű ani RU: Бороздчатоклювый ани


  • Shorter, can compete with hg and git
  • Easier to type on Qwerty variations, Dvorak, Bépo
  • Easier to pronounce, at least might be slightly more harmonized among languages
  • No other Github project with significant amount of star
  • Doen’t clash with known *nix command or packages


  • The pijul come from a Spanish speaking country and we take that from them
  • The URL of the repo will be very different (now: nest.pijul.com/pijul_org/pijul/)
  • Hard to find an another cool domain name
  • Takes effort to rebrand and redirect
  • Not related to animation
cheng commented on December 18, 2017

Another CON: '.pijulignore' will be '.aniignore', with consecutive 'i's.

PRO 1,2,3 are very tempting to me.

L117 commented on December 20, 2017

Or pijul community could make what mentioned mercurial one did: long name - short command, or even alias, for command (and filenames), though it can bring inconsistency. Woosh and all CONs have vanished! Along with two PROs. But pronunciation is not THAT much hard, IMO. And GitHub stars is not the thing worth rebranding, especially considering google/ddg/"possible other search engines" search results for "pijul" term (Pijul is the first from top, yay!).

FlorentBecker commented on December 20, 2017

We thought about giving pijul-the-command a name that is directly related to its function (something like "contribute" or "coop"), and keeping pijul as the name of the mascot.

admin commented on December 21, 2017

How about "chord"/"accord" — as a theme of co-operation and musicality? :)

L117 commented on December 21, 2017

@vlad Not much sense, these are as long as pijul and even longer o:

pothos commented on January 2, 2018

How about the alias pj? But actually I think it's not a big problem, a good one would be pij but that already autocompletes to pijul anyway when I hit TAB.

batisteo commented on January 5, 2018

I was also thinking about pj as the executable name (eg. rg for repgrep). But well, I thought ani was cool, short and international.

yory commented on April 29, 2018

The issue with very short names is that the chance of conflicts with other executables increases.

Maybe it might be best to just leave pijul and let users alias it however they wish. For example, I alias it to pl on my system; others might want pjl, or pj or vcs or something else depending on whether they already have software/custom scripts/shell functions with the same or similar name.

lthms commented on April 30, 2018

I also think pijul is fine, and people start to be familiar with it.

batisteo commented on April 30, 2018

The goal was to open a discussion.

I guess it can be closed now.

lthms commented on April 30, 2018

Well, I know @pmeunier was considering changing the name at some point, so I don't know if the discussion should be close already or not.

apichat commented on March 17, 2019

TL;DR: Starling / St

Hi ! What about Starling ? Their murmuration seems to be like the patch theory and the easy way of maintening, merging or reorganising the global shape without leader.


  • German : Star
  • Spanish : estornino
  • Italian : storno / storni
  • French : Étourneau sansonnet

And they are beautiful

pmeunier closed this discussion on March 27, 2019