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#252 Support PIJUL_CONFIG_DIR env variable

Opened by yory, on April 27, 2018
yory commented on April 27, 2018

This allows users to set their own preferred path to pijul's config, if so they wish. \r + \r + Makes solving #195 less urgent. It's the same approach chosen by many other apps, like ripgrep.

yory commented on April 27, 2018


lthms commented on April 27, 2018

Thanks! I will try to review your changes this evening. Could you propose a single patch to update the README?

lthms commented on April 28, 2018

Should be good, thanks! I’m building pijul with your changes just to be sure, but I don't see why this wouldn't work.\r + \r + Maybe a good thing to do is to write a BATS test. (Edit: to be clear, I am not saying you need to write one right now, or even prior to your change to be applied to master; just that this is an interesting thing to consider)

lthms commented on April 28, 2018

Applied, thanks for your contribution! Feel free to propose a patch to update the CONTRIBUTORS.md file with your name or alias. And, of course, feel free to contribute again!

lthms closed this discussion on April 28, 2018
yory commented on April 28, 2018

thank'you!\r + \r + Probably a test for this particular feature would be overkill, but I'll definitely have to read more about BATS for future contributions