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#258 Fix formatting of patch description in "pijul log"

Opened by laumann, on April 29, 2018
laumann commented on April 29, 2018

Part of the output of pijul log in Pijul itself looks like this:

Hash: 9xpNzF1bct7kJRoArjbgq3VUWdorFFjZtUcbtdSQy94tfVQryB3RBTmsdFE7pSrHKXsfdLmJf7R1vvR2GNY3gbPc
Internal id: ZAGGRo5jGgw
Authors: ["lthms <contact@thomasletan.fr>"]
Timestamp: 2018-04-26 13:36:50.079671482 UTC

    refactor: Add two functions in record to get authors and patch info

   Thanks to this change, it will be possible to share code between
record and rollback, as both can be used to create new patches.

Hash: 7FUjonAiKkSGSM49ErGeKLNjtZtFVMfcvenAVhREsvii9LCU5vNCbSHdVWcCnE8qRK6rTvosViy1Ppjxa8s1uPaB
Internal id: ATyE6GptDT7
Authors: ["lthms <contact@thomasletan.fr>"]
Timestamp: 2018-04-25 11:28:45.650764457 UTC

    feature: Split patch names into several lines in the dependencies graph

   The resulting graph is easier to read, as we avoid to have (very) long
node. Currently, I have made the choice to insert a newline character
every five words. This number is arbitrary, and not very opinionated,
but the result looks nice as far as my personal taste can tell.
Hash: AwRgFra3hXxYmMoxdXPiAxsLAke8vqh3Rr3LwL9fgpHrNGQ7yCncVmD2EHytsjNHFSXhyTy5GBkHgwM7wy5Q36YA
Internal id: hKrJujWAVTX
Authors: ["lthms <contact@thomasletan.fr>"]
Timestamp: 2018-04-25 09:52:01.232808620 UTC

    deps: Use bincode-1.0

Notice the patch description for the second patch is only indented three spaces (should be four) and there is no separating line between the description text and the next patch header.

IIRC The indentation was added in #251, but it still looks wonky.

laumann commented on April 29, 2018

Oh! My bad, this is actually fixed in ADEBwTZsVRS6TfZAZDERLMMxCazSGE4fTbLZbRdCKK9ZvvccTmTyZPzrt7XTPrPEHanLoBTX7N2AMhVUGHarT16C - it's just not released in 0.10.1

laumann commented on April 29, 2018

This discussion can just be closed then :-)