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#303 Use .ssh/config file

Opened by lthms, on September 5, 2018
lthms commented on September 5, 2018

I guess this is something thrussh should get, rather than pijul, but I am not sure about the activity of the thrussh repo, and maybe we will have to modify pijul too to leverage this (new) feature. This is why I create an issue in this repository too.

Anyway, the title is pretty self-explanatory. It would be awesome, to say the least, if pijul could use the configuration file of SSH (to know which pair of key to use for a given domain, for instance).

pmeunier commented on September 27, 2018

I can't believe I just implemented this, and it worked in just a few hours (mostly refactoring and updating my mental model of the new Tokio).

I'm currently uploading a new companion crate for Thrussh called thrussh-config, containing helpers to parse .ssh/config files, and a type called Stream which can be either a plain TCP socket or a proxy command implementing AsyncRead and AsyncWrite.

pmeunier closed this discussion on September 27, 2018
pmeunier commented on September 27, 2018

Future work includes parsing the easy bits of the file.