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#305 pijul show-dependencies output contains newlines in strings

Opened by kjiverx, on September 5, 2018
kjiverx commented on September 5, 2018

This patch triggers it: https://nest.pijul.com/yory/pijul_webview:master/patches/7FvZcQ7BK7KXmTaWuX6EUeWMkuBhGPWKzsWUKpsprhDyvYtvBiezCQTowvY5WPwUxtuN4peZCaJC7WinGmmb1pFs and creates the line

N7FvZcQ7BK7KXmTaWuX6EUeWMkuBhGPWKzsWUKpsprhDyvYtvBiezCQTowvY5WPwUxtuN4peZCaJC7WinGmmb1pFs [label="refactor 
+ fix path"]

graphviz rejects the end of the line and the following line and names a node by its hash.

lthms commented on September 6, 2018

Thanks for reporting! I will try to fix that as soon as possible (probably turning \n into for instance), and maybe try to prevent such a patch to be recorded as well (I don’t believe pijul should allow a patch title with a newline).

lthms commented on September 6, 2018

For the record, pijul show-dependencies correctly handles this use case in the upstream version, because of one change I made to insert newline characters in (too) long patch titles.

However, I still think pijul should prevent patch title with newline, so I won't close just yet.

pmeunier commented on December 14, 2018

I just fixed this. Thanks!

pmeunier closed this discussion on December 14, 2018