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#31 Inport/export text patches

Opened by zukaboo, on April 3, 2017
pmeunier commented on April 13, 2017

What does this mean? What would you like to do?\r + \r + The reason I'm asking is, Pijul patches store slightly more info than standard patches.

tuxlifan commented on September 21, 2017

I can think of two scenarios:\r + \r + First: To avoid lock-in.\r + For me at the moment pijul is like a big black hole that eats my diffs and gives me only a log of what it ate, if I ask nice enough - or a whole bit of gibberish (pijul patch) that I can't use (except with probably another instance of pijul running somewhere else...).\r + \r + For instance, I would like to just send an old school diff to pijul_org/manual for a small typo. Why? Because ssh to nest doesn't work for me (yet).\r + The handling for password protected ssh keys doesn't seem to be implemented yet and I find usage of ssh keys without password for version control matters insecure and unacceptable by principle (and adding a newly generated key, using it with pijul and deleting it again via the web page for each interaction seems too much of a hassle).\r + \r + Also, if I decide in the future to move away from pijul again, I would want to take all my change history with me. That means for me a certain series of unified diffs (maybe with additional comments that preserve the commit messages and other metadata) and not some binary db.\r + \r + Second: For interoperability.\r + One might want to hack on a project that is officially using some other dcvs using pijul but will need to communicate the changes. Until someone would create some kind of bridge software (like hg-git, etc.) a diff is the lowest common denominator and diff patches have worked for decades now (if one is careful enough to e.g. specify the base version and patch order in the email which they are attached to).\r+ \r + As the only work-around I could discover so far, using unrecord and revert at the same time with e.g. git to get some diffs will destroy all my work done in pijul so I could as well just use the other dcvs and not do double the work.\r + \r + To sum it up:\r + It needs to be made clear of course (e.g. in the man page) that plain, stupid patches don't provide the same guarantees and possibilities as pijul can when talking to another pijul instance but in some situations one just wants - or needs - just a human-readable diff with a filename, line numbers and which character changed.\r + \r + Thanks,\r + tuxlifan\r + \r + PS: maybe I'm just too new to pijul and it's mental model but I thought the whole point of it was patches...\r + \r + EDIT:formatting