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#319 Cloning pijul results in conflicts

Opened by kiliancs, on October 22, 2018
kiliancs commented on October 22, 2018

$ pijul clone https://nest.pijul.com/pijul_org/pijul

Pulling patches: 100% (155/155), done.

Applying patches: 100% (155/155), done.

$ cd pijul

$ pijul status

Unresolved conflicts:

(fix conflicts and record the resolution with "pijul record ...")


Actually, even though remote.ts appears fine on nest, looking at the raw version shows the conflict marks.

What's even worse. I am not able to get rid of the conflicts. I can even completely replace the file with what nest shows, but after pijul record, pijul status shows the same output.

Maybe I'm missing something important, but I intended to contribute a little to Pijul and I find myself unable to do so. I suppose if I'm having problems other possible contributors or users might too.

csi-adziahel commented on October 24, 2018

I'm affected by this too.

lthms commented on October 29, 2018

It remains true with the latest changes.

lthms commented on November 1, 2018

Here is a probably naïve fix proposal. @pmeunier, could you have a look at it please?

kiliancs commented on November 24, 2018

This seems fixed now.

pmeunier commented on December 14, 2018

This has been fixed by my recent (~3 weeks ago) changes in libpijul::graph, so I'm closing.