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#32 pijul-0.4.1 targball builds a pijul that reports --version as 0.4.0

Opened by ocharles, on April 3, 2017
ocharles commented on April 3, 2017
Replacing /home/ollie/.cargo/bin/pijul
warning: be sure to add `/home/ollie/.cargo/bin` to your PATH to be able to run the installed binaries

[nix-shell:~/Downloads/pijul-0.4.1/pijul]$ ~/.cargo/bin/pijul --version
pijul 0.4.0
pmeunier commented on April 3, 2017

Since I've not kept a copy of the patches between 0.4.0 and 0.4.1, I can't be 100% sure the only difference between the version and the tarball is the version number, but I believe it to be the case.

Thanks for reporting! I'm infinitely sorry about the CBOR incident with patches, due to a bad choice of dependencies.

ocharles commented on April 4, 2017

Also, the .nix expression has version = "0.3.3";

pmeunier commented on April 13, 2017

This is fixed in version 0.4.4 (patch for .nix coming soon), where pijul reports the correct thing on all platforms. We don't have the resources to fix previous versions and release them again.

We'll be more careful in the future, thanks for reporting this.