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#323 New release

Opened by jnbr, on October 31, 2018
jnbr commented on October 31, 2018

pijul-0.10.0 is packaged for voidlinux but doesn't build with libressl-2.8.\r+ A release which depends on the latest openssl-sys would be very helpful.

fabianhjr commented on November 1, 2018

Hey @jnbr, the issue has been fixed in master ( https://nest.pijul.com/pijul_org/pijul/patches/94L8NLWQbhy7WRU5cRr8hbXU8Mw8qdkS73TWwhcRaBSZzHM9HpaT7YE7sVtnKzM4rqgJjCNguaJVKX4zyBxX2J3Z ) however, there hasn't been a recent release. If you need help bootstrapping into pijul you could use nix to get a binary and dependencies and then do a pijul clone of the repository.

jnbr commented on November 1, 2018

Thank you for your answer.\r + I would prefer to stay with released versions as this makes it easier to keep the package up to date. Tracking changes on master might not be a big amount of work for one project but doesn't scale for a distribution with a few thousands of packages.\r+ Is there a chance for a new release in the near future?

jnbr commented on November 20, 2018

release 0.11.0 fixed my issue