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#324 [Patch] Fix Conflict on Master

Opened by fabianhjr, on November 1, 2018
fabianhjr commented on November 1, 2018

When attempting to add the patch the site hangs. :c\r + \r + Eseentially this: https://nest.pijul.com/fabianhjr/pijul/patches/9euXjkLdzG2StXRbnzcqNd5sHsoFDc15Zf6qJJ8CmtvJYHxwKhBgvdu4MmtFbuPzJ52sU6b1srfeWuHmrxHBn9yZ but applied to master.

pmeunier commented on November 5, 2018

Thanks for reporting, this is actually a duplicate of #319. Thanks a lot for the patch as well, I'll investigate why the Nest hangs on this (and also why it can't display it properly).\r + \r + Unfortunately, this seems to be linked to a bug in libpijul: if you clone pijul, you'll notice that only this conflict is shown in the file, not the rest of the file. Moreover, if you try to run pijul revert, you'll get a non-empty result (essentially restoring the rest of the file).\r + \r + This is neither a bug in the code that applies patches, nor in the code that outputs files, but rather at the interface between the two. Some guarantees the outputting code expects are not maintained by the patch application code. I believe I made this dumb choice for performance reasons, thinking it wouldn't ever cause any problem, but apparently it does matters when cloning in some contexts.

pmeunier commented on December 14, 2018

I believe this is solved now. Thanks again!