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#334 crash in pretty_key when displaying patch

Opened by rohan, on November 24, 2018
FlorentBecker added a patch:
fix crash in patch display with missing dependencies by rohan, created on November 22, 2018

rohan commented on November 24, 2018
 8: libpijul::patch::pretty::print_key
 9: libpijul::patch::pretty::<impl libpijul::patch::NewEdge>::to_pretty
10: <alloc::vec::Vec<T> as alloc::vec::SpecExtend<T, I>>::from_iter
11: libpijul::patch::pretty::<impl libpijul::patch::Change<alloc::vec::Vec<libpijul::backend::key::Key<core::option::Option<libpijul::backend::hash::Hash>>>>>::to_pretty
12: <alloc::vec::Vec<T> as alloc::vec::SpecExtend<T, I>>::from_iter
13: libpijul::patch::pretty::<impl libpijul::patch::UnsignedPatch>::to_pretty
14: libpijul::patch::pretty::<impl libpijul::patch::Patch>::to_pretty
15: pijul::commands::patch::run
16: pijul::main

I've got a patch which stops the patch view from crashing when there's no dependency matching the key. I would guess it has something to do with the minimise dependencies logic.

pmeunier commented on December 14, 2018

Thanks! I applied this patch, but how did you get the missing dependency? Did you try to apply a patch manually, or was it from pushing/pulling?

rohan commented on December 21, 2018

This was on a patch pulled from one branch into another and also on a later merge conflict patch