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#343 Clean up the output of `pijul log --hash-only`

Opened by mpevnev, on December 2, 2018
mpevnev commented on December 2, 2018

I've tried at some point to feed the output of pijul log --hash-only to another pijul command that was expecting hashes. This failed, however, because in --hash-only mode pijul also prints out repo's id and adds a colon-separated index after each patch's hash. Is there any reason in particular to do this? Normally when I type --hash-only, I really want just hashes.

The modifications to remove this are fairly simple, but I'd prefer to know the rationale behind current behaviour before I chop it off.

pmeunier commented on December 2, 2018

No, don't do that, it's an essential part of the protocol. Piping the output of that command into grep (to remove the first line) and sed will do what you want.

mpevnev commented on December 2, 2018

Got it, thanks.