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#350 pijul log shows only up to latest tag in fresh clone

Opened by yory, on December 15, 2018
yory commented on December 15, 2018

Cloning with pijul from latest master, the most recent patch on master appears to be AfNxZFsHskbjv6wDLv3ygFDXwwvhcYtFbg9WULMsqerNQzbRvybzZbxxK53e24ddMAQKejBcUuGijFgXkXBL3PWU when doing pijul log, even though all 194 patches have been downloaded and applied.

pmeunier commented on December 15, 2018

Thanks for reporting, but I can reproduce and this is not what's happening. What's happening is that the Nest is sending the list of patches in a more or less random order, and Pijul is applying them in the same order. I've fixed this in the Nest, but not redeployed yet.