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#387 Add possibility to show the patches with `pijul log`

Opened by eh, on April 24, 2019
eh commented on April 24, 2019

I just started experimenting with Pijul and one thing I miss from git is the possibility to see the log with the patches themselves inlined (git log --p|--patch).

I'd love to see this in pijul as I use it very often with git.

I have created a quick (and probably quite dirty) implementation of this. Here is a screenshot:


Would this be a useful feature to have?

pmeunier added a patch:
Add support for showing patches with `pijul log` by eh, created on April 24, 2019

pmeunier commented on April 24, 2019

It would be a super useful feature, thank you very much! I'll review your patch as soon as possible.

lthms commented on May 2, 2019

This has been added to master. Thanks for this contribution!

lthms closed this discussion on May 2, 2019