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#394 push --to-repository . is broken

Opened by FlorentBecker, on May 13, 2019
Good first bug
FlorentBecker commented on May 13, 2019

The "push" part of that test gets stuck in an infinite loop, in the last "push" command. The loop seems to happen only in the test harness, when opening the repo.

pmeunier commented on May 13, 2019

Looks like a lock problem, but I've no idea where it comes from.

pmeunier commented on May 13, 2019

Of course, push takes the lock of the first repository, and then the lock of the second one.

pmeunier added a patch:
Fixing a deadlock in push (local repository to itself) by blabla, created on May 13, 2019

pmeunier closed this discussion on May 13, 2019