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#396 Dependency not found

Opened by MarvinHannott, on May 13, 2019
MarvinHannott commented on May 13, 2019

While trying to merge two branches, this error message popped up: "libpijul::apply: Dependency not found". Now, merges don't work any more at all. What kind of dependency does it mean?

FlorentBecker commented on May 14, 2019

Can you paste the command you're running to merge the two branches? The error means that some patch A you pushed/pull between branches depends on a patch B, and B has not been found by apply. If you arrived at this situation through push/pull, it definitely is a bug. More likely, you can get this if you created a patch with "pijul patch --bin --repository A" in repository B, and tried to apply in repository C, or if you did some unrecords in B in the meantime.

MarvinHannott commented on May 14, 2019

I am sorry, that was exactly what I was doing: Applying a patch from another branch without thinking about dependencies. I somehow thought they would be / should be applyied too automatically. Instead I should have pulled and that works just fine! \r+ \r + Thanks for your swift answer.

pmeunier commented on May 14, 2019

@MarvinHannott: thanks for volunteering for writing the sentence in our manual, that would have avoided that mistake!