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#415 2018 edition and Clippy findings

Opened by jonas.wolf, on July 6, 2019
jonas.wolf commented on July 6, 2019

I was wondering if anyone is interested in migrating Pijul to the Rust 2018 edition? Moreover, I could offer going after some clippy findings.

pmeunier commented on July 7, 2019

I'm actually rewriting libpijul, mostly from scratch to change the repository format and finally solve the last remaining problem in Pijul: disk usage.

But I'd be interested in help porting pijul (the CLI frontend) to Rust 2018. Feel free to send patches.

jonas.wolf commented on July 7, 2019

Thanks for the feedback. I actually tried to push my efforts to the :415 branch yesterday. Unfortunately, it panicked and nothing seems to have been pushed. If I retry, it says nothing to push. How can I retry? (Sorry, newbe to Pijul)

jonas.wolf commented on July 8, 2019

It seems that only one of the patches I created and tried to push, have been added here. Can I add the others again?

jonas.wolf commented on July 9, 2019

I added a new patch. I think I finally managed to only push my changes in this patch. @pmeunier Does that help you in any way? I focused on resolving the clippy findings in the CLI part of Pijul.

jonas.wolf added a patch:
2018editionandclippy by jonas.wolf, created on July 9, 2019

lthms commented on July 12, 2019

Thanks for this patch!

jonas.wolf commented on July 12, 2019

Does it help in any way?