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#443 Impossible to compile Pijul 0.12.0 on Arch Linux

Opened by ariasuni, on December 5, 2019
ariasuni commented on December 5, 2019

Pijul 0.12.0 depends on nettle-sys 1.0.1 which fails to compile with nettle >= 3.5 (which I have on Arch Linux since several months) and doesn’t have the option to be vendored. It’s fixed in master, but since I can’t compile Pijul and there is no way to get the source code otherwise, I can’t get the fixed source code and compile it.\r+ \r + Related to #425.\r + \r +

dhouck commented on February 1, 2020

You can still get it from crates.io with cargo-download or directly at https://crates.io/api/v1/crates/pijul/0.12.2/download, but I agree it should be on the website.