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#50 Conflict markers in libpijul/src/apply.rs

Opened by tmiller, on April 12, 2017
tmiller commented on April 12, 2017

It appears a conflict was incorrectly recorded in libpijul/src/apply.rs. This is preventing compilation from source.

pijul_org commented on April 12, 2017

Fixed by #AVFG9RUpqmuU1vhEI022P3ZG2rnzFVEe-EH5XGHFt1eAVyVFSUxkLTon9ou6ndETlmswni1OxNL9fr8sIRViHG8. This was actually to an error in how the .pijul/changes.* file was written. Pijul < 0.4.3 was seeking from the end in a positive direction, causing weird problems.\r+ \r + That file is a redundant copy of the patches index stored in the Sanakirja base. It is meant to provide an efficient way to serve a Pijul repository over a conventional (non-Nest) HTTP server such as Nginx or Apache.\r + \r + It took some time to fix because this bug only occurs on repositories where the change file is more than 1000 bytes long, and the nest does not use it, instead outputting the contents of the file from the Sanakirja database on the fly.\r + \r + (sorry for the long answer, I realise I'm hijacking our own issue tracker to use it as a wiki).\r +

lthms commented on April 13, 2017
tmiller commented on April 13, 2017

@lthms, I removed the pijul repo and cloned it again. This allowed me to compile pijul.