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#7 commands::test::missing_context fails

Opened by Keruspe, on March 18, 2017
Keruspe commented on March 18, 2017

Currently, this test fails on its last assertion because in the compared files the lines "coucou" and "cuicui" are ,pt o, the same order

Keruspe commented on March 18, 2017

Actually, I just misread some output, the real problem is that 1/toto and 2/toto have some "<<<<<<" and ">>>>>" lines around "cuicui" that 0/toto doesn't have

pmeunier commented on March 18, 2017

This is a theoretical problem, and actually not really a problem. The test is for the following situation:

Alice inserts a line L in the middle of a paragraph P, while Bob deletes P. They pull each other's patch. We want their outputs to be the same, but it is not easy.

We don't mind having it failing, as a reminder that we need to either find a solution, or prove a theorem showing there's none.

pmeunier commented on May 23, 2017

I finally fixed this with patch #AYSc3smxovR-S7xAfR_3CoQ3MKyf4hNBcSSErFJj8N2i-okC4iH1Mel4K10NAeXu6IBnUO3nAl2aA97EAp9fbxY

It required a new output of conflicts, as well as a way to parse conflicts inside files.

Thanks for reporting!