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fix: Directories were not correctly deleted when recording

Prior to this patch, the following test case:

mkdir test
cd test
pijul init
mkdir test
pijul record -n -a -m"First patch"
pijul remove test
pijul record -a -m"Second patch"
pijul status

would give the following output:

Changes not yet recorded:
  (use "pijul record ..." to record a new patch)

        deleted:   test

Untracked files:
  (use "pijul add <file>..." to track them)


This is not right, as the second patch should have removing the directory test/ from the tree. This is a regression compared to pijul-0.9, and a carreful comparison of log output highlights that the syncs variable in record command was empty.

Once again, comparing libpijul source as in crates.io and current version showed there were a missing InodeUpdate::Deleted insertion, for no easy to explain version. Adding this missing insertion fixes the issue.

By lthms on March 21, 2018
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