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pj | pijul front-end as a unix cp command with branches. experiment(al)

I plan to live with this for some time to feel what works and what doesn't.

discussion on discourse.pijul.org


Branches are prefixed with a colon. This here shows what would be applied to the branch :docs if the -w flag were to be used.

pj INSTALL.md :docs

Interactively apply the changes and patches of INSTALL.md to the branch :docs

pj -w INSTALL.md :docs

Contrast the branch :docs with the branch :master. This command should show changes that would be applied (synchronized) to :master from :docs if -w were to be used.

pj :docs :master

Interactively apply the branch's version of the file to the working copy. This is equivalent to both revert and unrecord.

pj -w :docs INSTALL.md

...Omit the -w and you'll see the patches to INSTALL.md

pj :docs INSTALL.md




I'm Andreas Bernhard Wagner, you can find me on irc freenode under the nick pointfree