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#22 need more information about VCS comparisons

Opened by joyously on December 10, 2020
joyously on December 10, 2020

In the section “Comparisons with other version control systems”, there is a little bit about Git and some about Darcs. But other VCs are mentioned : “Pijul for Git/Mercurial/SVN/… users” and it would be very helpful to state the difference with Pijul and SVN regarding “changes”, since SVN stores changesets. This is what makes it very slow, so addressing that concern would be good.

Also, the Git part says

The main difference between Pijul and Git (and related systems) is that Pijul deals with changes (or changes), whereas Git deals only with snapshots (or versions).

Why have changes twice? “Pijul deals with changes (or changes)”

marians added a change on December 18, 2020
marians on December 18, 2020

Patch LISTQZX… only addresses your second point (better than nothing, right? ;-)

I never did the same kind of deep dive into SVN as I did for git, so I can’t say anything about it. If you’d be interested, we can try to work on some words to add about SVN together.

joyously on December 18, 2020
pmeunier on January 4, 2021

@marians: I just applied your change, thanks! Sorry for not being super reactive lately, I’ve been working on the internals of Libpijul for a little while, and I’m not really good at switching between that kind of “deep thinking” algorithmic activity, and “normal” bugs and improvement requests.