#27 Feature request: `pijul tag`

Opened by lthms on November 11, 2020
lthms on November 11, 2020

As far as I can tell, there is no tag command to easily share well-identified repository state, which is a necessary to tool to use pijul in the context of maintaining a software projects with releases and so on, at least to my opinion.

pmeunier on November 11, 2020

That’s totally true, and is due to the fact that I tried to reduce the number of commands. We need to talk about tags, especially now that there are version numbers (pijul log --states).

lthms on November 11, 2020

Tag as implemented in previous pijul’s versions (i.e., virtual change whose only purpose was to have the right dependencies) was a good way to deal with that. My understanding is that version numbers identify a state, but they don’t allow for “reconstructing” this state, right?

pmeunier on November 26, 2020

Wait, I was looking at this discussion yesterday, and then looked at pijul record again, and it seems this is already implemented: pijul record --tag. What is your opinion on that command?