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#328 Backslashes are not handled properly on windows

Closed on July 7, 2021
Edhebi on February 16, 2021

So, I’m not sure windows is a supported usecase yet, but I haven’t found that issue elsewhere. When working with paths containing backslashes, pijul will fail to to parse the path, and instead consider the backslashes to be part of the filename. That mean a path at root\some_dir\some_file will be added as root/some_dir\\some_file. as far as I can tell, using pijul add with forward of baskslashes doesn’t change anything. recursion does work, but it then flattens everything under the root directory.

pmeunier on February 17, 2021

Thanks! Windows is definitely a goal before we release our beta version, so I’ll have a look.

pmeunier added a change on April 30, 2021
pmeunier on July 7, 2021

Just tested this today, it works.

pmeunier closed this discussion on July 7, 2021