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#353 [Feature request] Filter log by prefixes.

Opened by unidual on February 21, 2021 Feature request
unidual on February 21, 2021


% pijul log -- <PATH>

would only show changes affecting PATH (file or directory).

BTW right now there is an error message that advice to use the very syntax that was entered!

% pijul log --
error: Found argument '' which wasn't expected, or isn't valid in this context

If you tried to supply `` as a PATTERN use `--`
pmeunier added tag Feature request on April 29, 2021
ammkrn added a change on May 25, 2021
ammkrn on May 25, 2021

Basic support for this added in 3K2FVF.

This is invoked as pijul log -- <file_or_dir>*. Directory filters are recursive, so passing a filter my_dir will show the logs for bothmy_dir and for its contents. In the future you may want to support more fancy glob patterns, but for now this seems to work pretty well.

ammkrn added a change on June 2, 2021