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#404 [libpijul]: Better documentation and a tutorial

Opened by mekeor on April 1, 2021 Documentation
mekeor on April 1, 2021

tl;dr: Please write more extensive documentation for libpijul and a quick and simply getting-started tutorial for it.

Hello and thank you for developing Pijul. It seems very promising from a technical perspective but a software needs good documentation to establish. For example, I’d like to use Pijul (as library) but I feel quite lost when I look into its documentation. At least an introductory tutorial would be really nice so that it’s straight-forward to understand how it works in general and where in the package the important functions are located.

pmeunier on April 24, 2021

Hi! Thanks for your feedback. Documentation is indeed a place where Pijul is still lacking. In order to help write a better one, I believe there’s nothing like practical use cases and questions. In this case, since there are MANY parts in libpijul, I’d like to know what you are trying to build with libpijul, in order to know where to start a tutorial, what the “usual” problems are, etc.

pmeunier added tag Documentation on April 24, 2021
mekeor on April 28, 2021

I want to write a program which interacts with a pijul-repository. It should be able to create a repository, to commit changes, to push changes etc. (Eventually, I want it to become a web-API, but really doesn’t matter.) I just want to interact with a pijul-repository with Rust.

mekeor on April 28, 2021