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#524 No apparent ssh-agent integration for pijul record

Opened by TheBestJohn on August 23, 2021 Feature request
TheBestJohn on August 23, 2021

As per the documentation here, I should be able to use my ssh-agent to furnish changes to my repo. Does this not also work with the pijul record command, or do I have to have a separate key for that? Reason I’m asking is because I use a hardware key for all of my encryption, auth, signing needs and a separate key is just another thing I need to keep track of.

spacefrogg on September 2, 2021

That key is separate, and it is and will remain incompatible with anything related to PGP. So, don’t expect it to easily (if at all) work with any hardware token in the future.

Integration with ssh-agent is planned.

pmeunier on September 9, 2021

@TheBestJohn: what agent do you use? If it is a PGP one, I believe we could add an integration layer with the agent protocol without pulling in all the dependencies and security holes of existing PGP implementations.

pmeunier added tag Feature request on December 7, 2021