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#561 Return feedback to user

Opened by finchie on November 9, 2021 Reviewing
finchie on November 9, 2021

Based on the discussion in #315, this patch implements some basic feedback for commands such as init, reset, log and add.

As this is my first contribution to the Pijul repository, I am very unfamiliar with the codebase. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

finchie added a change on November 9, 2021
pmeunier on November 23, 2021

Hi! Thanks for the patch. There are three issues in its current version:

  • One is easily fixed by running pijul key prove [email protected]. This is a temporary feature, I’m working on something much better to sign patches.
  • The other one is that you’re using eprintln!, which can cause broken pipes errors from Pijul when piped into a command. If you use writeln!(stderr, …) instead, it will work.
  • When you record things with pijul record, you can delete some of the stuff in there (there are a few exceptions). If you get a chance, you can pijul record --amend and remove the hunks introducing just one blank line.
pmeunier on November 23, 2021

Also, you can then just push to this channel again. Patches in discussions aren’t actually applied to anything, they’re just “loose”, so your two version won’t conflict.

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