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#562 clone: Confusing error when DB of local repo can't be opened

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hpd on November 12, 2021

Since ssh remotes don’t work for me (need to analyze this, but thrussh seems wildly incompatible with the keys used by my ssh installation), I tried mounting a directory with gvfs and then cloning from the mountpoint. Unfortunately, it bailed with this error:

Error: failed to lookup address information: Name or service not known

This seems as if there was something wrong with URL parsing, since the filename contains a colon and it tries to interpret the argument as an ssh remote. But the real problem is that opening the DB of the “remote” repo with libpijul::pristine::sanakirja::Pristine::new(&dot_dir.join("db")) fails and pijul then falls back to parsing the argument as an ssh remote without showing the earlier error to the user.

Adding some debug statements reveals:

Sanakirja(IO(Os { code: 95, kind: Uncategorized, message: "Operation not supported" }))

which suggests that gvfs simply doesn’t implement a file operation that Sanakirja tries to use.

The better approach here would be to print an error message and exit whenever the sanakirja call fails, except if it’s a “file not found” error and only in the latter case fall through to ssh parsing.

pmeunier on November 12, 2021

Wow, lots of different pieces. Thanks for the report.

My current plan is to phase out “integrated SSH” in Pijul itself. I wrote Thrussh in order to write the Nest, and now I want to stop supporting SSH here. Windows users who don’t want to bother with SSH (my primary target when I wrote the Thrussh client) will be able to push their patches in a secure way over HTTP, which will also be more efficient (and less confusing) with HTTP/3.

I’m still interested in your setup, if you don’t mind sharing/explaining it.

As for GVFS, Pijul operates on a datastructure stored on the disk, but only efficient (read: “usable”) when memory-mapped. I’m currently working on a slightly different solution, which will be able to operate fine (only less efficiently) even without mmap.

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pmeunier 2 days ago

Alright, this is fixed now, thanks!

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hpd 2 days ago

Nice, thanks. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, I currently don’t have time to investigate my side of the ssh issues.