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#573 Change editor UX tweaks

Opened by ammkrn on December 4, 2021
ammkrn on December 4, 2021

Two UX things before the beta relating to the changelist editor. One is that if the user’s EDITOR environment variable is an absolute path, the current version of the edit crate won’t catch it on some systems (namely mac os), and you’ll get whatever the default editor is. I sent a fix for this which was pulled upstream, but the maintainer hasn’t bumped the version to include the change:

The more important one is that the current setup doesn’t work at all for VScode (and probably other graphical editors). I don’t have time to look into it until my exams are over, but this might require changes to edit.

pmeunier added tag Beta on December 6, 2021
pmeunier removed tag Beta on January 4, 2022
pmeunier on January 4, 2022

I’m removing the beta tag, since this isn’t really blocking, and could require a bit more work to test and fix.