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#613 pull always opens EDITOR

Opened by tankf33der on January 7, 2022
tankf33der on January 7, 2022

pijul pull ../p1 -- AA BB opens EDITOR. Can not use in tests.

loewenheim on January 20, 2022

Could that be solved by enabling all when a list of changes is passed to the command?

tankf33der on January 20, 2022

I need this for test suite to run from command line.

loewenheim on January 20, 2022

I’ve got a change; can you remind how how to push to this discussion?

AfoHT on January 22, 2022


pijul push --to-channel main:613

If unclear see manual and the reference

loewenheim added a change on January 24, 2022
pull: skip editor if changes were explicitly passed by CPQDtmFSXqwSbjtpTvCNL8ZMtVgHUAhTpbpxsSFbKMjQ, created on January 20, 2022