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#627 rename `unrecord` to `unapply`

Opened by docteurklein on January 21, 2022
docteurklein on January 21, 2022


Pardon me if I’m mistaken, but I think it would make more sense if change-related stuff has a different vocabulary than working-copy stuff. I find it weird that unrecord isn’t named unapply, since apply works on changes, whereas record works only on working copy files.

In my mind, it would have been clearer to keep working-copy-related stuff as “record” terminology, and change-related stuff to the “apply” terminology.

Thanks for reading :)

PS: just realized that technically record creates a new change, so maybe the current terminology makes sense.

tankf33der on January 23, 2022


Apply and record are not equal.

Record and unrecord are brothers.

spacefrogg on January 26, 2022

Also, unapply is represented by unrecord --reset in the sense that it reverses the effect of apply.