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#663 enhancement: patterns and matches like Darcs

Opened by joyously on April 4, 2022
joyously on April 4, 2022

I was reading about Darcs, and every command takes patterns and matches. These sound really useful. Would it be possible to have something similar?

The page describes these as


Selecting Patches:

The –patches option yields patches with names matching an extended regular expression. See regex(7) for details. The –matches option yields patches that match a logical (Boolean) expression: one or more primitive expressions combined by grouping (parentheses) and the complement (not), conjunction (and) and disjunction (or) operators. The C notation for logic operators (!, && and ||) can also be used.

  • –patches=regex is a synonym for –matches=‘name regex’
  • –hash=HASH is a synonym for –matches=‘hash HASH’
  • –from-patch and –to-patch are synonyms for –from-match=’name… and –to-match=’name…
  • –from-patch and –to-match can be unproblematically combined: darcs log --from-patch='html.*documentation' --to-match='date 20040212'

The following primitive Boolean expressions are supported:

  • exact - check a literal string against the patch name.
  • name - check a regular expression against the patch name.
  • author - check a regular expression against the author name.
  • hunk - check a regular expression against the contents of a hunk patch.
  • comment - check a regular expression against the log message.
  • hash - match a full hash or a prefix for a patch.
  • date - match the patch date.
  • touch - match file paths for a patch. Here are some examples:
darcs log --match 'exact "Resolve issue17: use dynamic memory allocation."'
darcs log --match 'name issue17'
darcs log --match 'name "^[Rr]esolve issue17\>"'
darcs log --match 'author "David Roundy"'
darcs log --match 'author droundy'
darcs log --match 'author'
darcs log --match 'hunk "foo = 2"'
darcs log --match 'hunk "^instance .* Foo where$"'
darcs log --match 'comment "prevent deadlocks"'
darcs log --match 'hash c719567e92c3b0ab9eddd5290b705712b8b918ef'
darcs log --match 'hash c7195'
darcs log --match 'date "2006-04-02 22:41"'
darcs log --match 'date "tea time yesterday"'
darcs log --match 'touch src/foo.c'
darcs log --match 'touch src/'
darcs log --match 'touch "src/*.(c|h)"'