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#684 [feature request] extensions for syntax highliting in pijul files

Opened by levi on May 16, 2022
levi on May 16, 2022

I read on Zulip that one user’s discussion disappeared. This is what happened to mine. At first I thought someone just deleted my post. This needs to be fixed because it discourages people from posting. Reposting it.

Lately many editors like Neo vim or Helix Editor adopt tree-sitter parser to be able to color syntax. I wanted to do something like that for Pijul and changset files and temporary record file. The problem is that I need the file extension so the parser can color the syntax. In the case of changeset files this is not a problem, we can call them what we like, but I think standardization would be desirable. In case of temporary record file there is a problem, because it looks like this /tmp/.tmp<hash> while in case of git this file has always fixed name .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG

It’s not only about syntax coloring, but also about collapsing blocks, commenting them out, moving around whole hunks, putting them to different files. But also that would help create interactive plugins for those editors. It would make Pijul more friendly and less raw.

The best part is, it really doesn’t take much to implement such an improvement.