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#695 Is it possible to generate a key during automated testing?

Opened by mtkennerly on July 11, 2022
mtkennerly on July 11, 2022

I’m trying to set up a dummy Pijul repository as part of a GitHub workflow’s test phase (so I can test Pijul integration in a CLI tool). Since every workflow runs in a fresh environment, I need to run pijul key generate foo, but it requires interaction. I tried working around it with printf, but no luck:

$ printf "\n" | pijul key generate foo
Password for the new key (press enter to leave it unencrypted): Error: The handle is invalid. (os error 6)

Is there any way around this right now?

spacefrogg on July 18, 2022

You could try expect, which lets you automate interactive console applications.