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#704 [CONSISTENCY, DISASTER,] two repos are not equal

Opened by tankf33der on August 12, 2022
tankf33der on August 12, 2022

A complex beast. Current short version of ends with diff -qr output:

+ diff -qr repo repo2
Files repo/drivers/sound/ and repo2/drivers/sound/ differ
Files repo/drivers/sound/Readme.linux and repo2/drivers/sound/Readme.linux differ
Files repo/drivers/sound/Readme.modules and repo2/drivers/sound/Readme.modules differ
Files repo/drivers/sound/Readme.v30 and repo2/drivers/sound/Readme.v30 differ
Files repo/.pijul/config and repo2/.pijul/config differ
Files repo/.pijul/pristine/db and repo2/.pijul/pristine/db differ

This is wrong. Only two last lines must be here.

If I do clone manually everything is ok on the SAME data!

$ cd pijul-tests-data
$ pijul clone repo repo3
$ diff -qr repo repo3
Files repo/.pijul/config and repo3/.pijul/config differ
Files repo/.pijul/pristine/db and repo3/.pijul/pristine/db differ
tankf33der on August 12, 2022

Note: If I do not clone empty repo and pull on every loop and do it once at the end everything is ok on the SAME data.

tankf33der on August 13, 2022

If I ignore this i get real collision on approx. 34th iteration.

tankf33der on August 15, 2022

Maybe depends from [#701].