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#714 Make Base32 parsing more lenient by supporting lowercase input

Opened by emily on September 14, 2022
emily on September 14, 2022

Since Base32 doesn’t distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters, I’ve added support for decoding lowercase Base32. This makes Pijul nicer to use and doesn’t add any ambiguity.

For example, pijul change 3uz65kyc2ylfxrqal7adpxzjhvsosjur44fxkqn2wkbixamalmgac is now treated the same as pijul change 3UZ65KYC2YLFXRQAL7ADPXZJHVSOSJUR44FXKQN2WKBIXAMALMGAC.

Note that this patch doesn’t affect encoding, so all encoded Base32 still uses uppercase letters.

emily added a change on September 14, 2022
Support parsing lowercase base32 by 4CHRPcmUnKRaqFSjkeS8VGLFwmTTd9HLaUoX6yc39s2s,