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#729 [ID] error message when removing with password

Closed on February 23, 2023
tankf33der on November 19, 2022
$ pijul id new --read-password
✔ New password · ********
✔ Unique identity name · default
✔ Display name · Mike
✔ Email (leave blank for none) ·
✔ Do you want to change the encryption? (Current status: encrypted) · no
✔ Do you want this key to expire? (Current expiry: never) · no
✔ Do you want to link this identity to a remote? · no
$ pijul id rem
✔ Select identity · default
Removing identity: default at "/home/mpech/.config/pijul/identities/default"
✔ Do you wish to continue? · yes
Identity removed.
Error: Platform secure storage failure: zbus error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.secrets was not provided by any .service files
finchie added a change on November 26, 2022
finchie on November 26, 2022

Thanks for catching this. This seems to be the only place an absence of platform secret storage was not handled correctly.

finchie added a change on November 26, 2022
finchie on November 26, 2022

Only tangentially related, but you shouldn’t be able to call with --read-password with interactive prompts enabled. My bad, this second patch should fix things.

pmeunier on February 23, 2023

Thanks! I just applied these changes.

pmeunier closed this discussion on February 23, 2023