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#730 [ID] wrong logic, what is point to add id and remove on the same step

Closed on February 23, 2023
tankf33der on November 19, 2022
$ pijul id li
No identities found. Use `pijul identity new` to create one.
If you have created a key in the past, you may need to migrate via `pijul identity repair`
$ pijul id remove
It doesn't look like you have any identities configured!
Each author in Pijul is identified by a unique key to provide greater security & flexibility over names/emails.
To make sure humans (including you!) can easily identify these keys, we need a few personal details.
For more information see
✔ Unique identity name · default
✔ Display name · Mike
✔ Email (leave blank for none) ·
✔ Do you want to change the encryption? (Current status: not encrypted) · no
✔ Do you want this key to expire? (Current expiry: never) · no
✔ Do you want to link this identity to a remote? · no
Removing identity: default at "/home/mpech/.config/pijul/identities/default"
✔ Do you wish to continue? · yes
Identity removed.
finchie added a change on November 26, 2022
pmeunier on February 23, 2023

Done, thanks.

pmeunier closed this discussion on February 23, 2023